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  • In English

Communication guidelines

For members

  • Calendar at the frontpage
    • The most up-to-date information is on the calendar
  • Mailing list and weekly mail: http://list.ayy.fi/mailman/listinfo/otakut-jasenet
    • Weeklymail should be sent on Sunday or at the beginning of the week.
    • This is usually the responsibility of the executive committee. (Secretary or chairman)
    • The most reliable way of getting information to the members.
  • IRC
    • irc://irc.cs.hut.fi/%23Otakut
    • Topic should tell what is happening in the clubroom!
    • Also any bigger events or other special information in the topic.

For the executive committee

Guide for content upkeep:

  • All events should be mentioned in the frontpage, calendar and weeklymail.
  • Should be in both english and finnish
  • If at all possible, the information should be available at least a week before the event.
  • All events should have a page in the wiki, where more information can be found.
  • It is advisable to use as many communication channels as possible and to make a link to the relevant wikipage, which is easily updated.