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Sakke watches

"Sakke watches" was (on 2014, thorough the year) a weekly video evening held (usually) on Fridays, where Sakke watches about 8 hours of anime. Staring point for this event was the thought "because I'm anyway going to watch lot of anime weekly, why not do it at club room?".

As of this season (WINTER 2014) the evening is omitted for more airing -series. Depending on next season's haul(s), Sakke watches may be brought back.

The showed series are picked from the series I have encountered but not yet watched.

Program is updated on (front page's) Otakut google calendar, not on this page. Next event is updated on previous weekend, but no later than Sunday-Monday night in conjunction with weekly mail.

Some advice/rules

-Sakari Helokunnas (A person)

irc: Elda-tan [#otakut]

List of all shown series: Shown before