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Otakut-Polygame Gaming Challenge

There was tension in the air. The house of Otakut sensed a hint of weakness from the misguided house of Polygamers. Hence on one dark cold Thursday (10.11.2016) night a challenge was bestowed upon their "shrine" door; the provider of food and beverages.

General rules

Win criteria

For each game, a single point is awarded to the winning team. The side that has accumulated most points from all of the games wins the overall competition. In case both sides have accumulated equal number of points, the competition is resolved with joint agreed tie-breaking game (Pro Pinball Timeshock?).

Games per side

Both sides will select three games and one reserve game which will be announced to opposing side according to the agreed timetable. The reserve game is used in case both sides have selected same game. The replacement game to be used will be selected with a coin.


If a neutral umpire is found, one shall be used.


Players are tied to one team and may not swap sides during the competition. The size of the teams is between 4 and 8 players. Players participating to each game are chosen on case by case basis.

Rules for individual games

The side organizing the game will set the rules for the game in question. The rules must provide one point to the winning team. The rules for each game must be announced at the same time as the games are announced. After this the opposing side has one(1) day to suggest changes or otherwise challenge the set rules.

Timetable and location

The competition is arranged over two consecutive days. Both sides will announce the games on the first day of SIK-lan (25.-27.11.) at which time also the order of games is also decided. The actual competition will take place on 5th and 6th of December in JMT10CD and JMT11CD clubrooms.


Both sides should notify their members about the competition ASAP. Overall announcement regarding the competition will be made on 25th of November.

Prizes, Funding & Snacks

The hosting side will provide snacks and refreshments on their clubroom during the competition. Prize will be provided by Otakut Build Team and Olleas.

Team Otakut

  • Joy, Captain
  • mmKalll
  • Mursu
  • Kubi
  • Siprus
  • Marqs
  • Arb
  • Simppa
  • Sorsa_DSM (reserve for 6.12.)

Team Polygame

  • Misterbinu, Captain
  • Olleas
  • Vilhom
  • -

Games and rules

Twinkle Star Sprites - La Petite Princesse (Otakut)
Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary(Otakut)

2v2 team matches in Fever and Trap rule modes.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Otakut)
Nexuiz (Polygame)


Flatout 2 (Polygame)
Guns of Icarus Online (Polygame)

Otakut won the challenge

After winning all of their own suggested games, Otakut also took victory in Guns of Icarus Online, resulting in score 4 wins, 2 losses.