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Otakut logo & badge design competition finals

For past few months, Otakut has been running a competition to design a new badge to replace the old badge, which had run out of print and due to recent events (Aalto) also needed an update.

Below you can find the finalists of the Otakut badge design competition, which have been carefully screened and picked considering previous votes and designers' recommendations. A few variations of each finalist badge (different colors/text) are on display, but the purpose of this vote is to decide the general looks of the final badge. A raffle will be held between all voters, the main prize being a set of various Japanese snacks and candy from Tokyokan. Also as other prizes, some lucky voters will be getting the new badge. The voting will end on March 19th 2010 at 12:00.

How to vote

The final voting will be conducted via email as follows: Pick the best three badges, mark the top three in the order of your preference, and mail your choices to the address merkkikisa.otakut(at)gmail.com. Your top three choices will be given points accordingly: your first choice will earn three points, second choice will earn two points and your third choice will get one point. The finalist with the most points will become the Chosen One. In case of a draw, a coin will decide.

Mail template

It is recommended you use this provided layout for the voting. Fill the brackets with your choices and information. If you wish, you can comment on which of the proposals of each design is the best (colours/texts/etc).


Otakut badge design competition - Finals

Otakut badge design competition finals
Finalists in order of preference:

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2. [The name and number of the finalist]
3. [The name and number of the finalist]

[Possible comments]


[Your name and email address for the raffle]


Finalist 1
Speech bubbles O! - Onoki
A simple design that is an innovative combination of the well-known "A!" from the Aalto University and from Azumanga Daioh. But instead of A! it is know O! (O as in Otakut).
Finalist 2
Logo6 - Arb
Similar in style to the old badge, but with different shape and updated character. The new character is a combination of coolness and determination. The badge contains a reference to the visual style of Aalto-university in form of a "A!" written in japanese (as seen in Azumanga). The reference is similar to that seen in Onoki's design.
Finalist 3
Logo1 - Arb
Another character-based design. This is a response to a request of a more 'moe' character in the badge. The basic design follows the same lines as the current badge. This design however does not contain a direct reference to our university.